How to buy the book Nedenunder og hjem

As of October 2015 Nedenunder og hjem is available both in hard cover and pocket; the two versions are for sale in Norwegian bookstores for NOK 349 and NOK 149 respectively. The hard cover is fully coloured, including maps and photographs, whereas the pocket book is all black-and-white on the inside. The text is of course the same in both. Here is more information about how you can purchase the book if you live outside Norway. Nedenunder og hjem_forside

These are buying options provided as a service for readers who cannot access Norwegian bookstores:

1. I (i.e. the author) can send you the book by post from Norway. Please order a copy by emailing me. Please provide your name and full postal address. Due to high shipping costs the price will be AUD 90 for the hard cover and AUD 55 for the pocket edition. If you choose to have the book sent to you by post, you will receive a PayPal invoice from me. This can be paid securely with a credit card via the internet. You do not need your own PayPal account to pay the invoice, just a credit card.

2. For those who live in Norway/Scandinavia: Nedenunder og hjem can be ordered from Norwegian bookstores and through reputable online booksellers such as or You can also purchase it from the publisher Vega Forlag.

For other enquiries, please contact the author: Please note that the book is published in Norwegian only. There are no plans at this point for an English translation.

How to buy the book Norske utposter – Norwegian Outposts

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One thought on “How to buy the book Nedenunder og hjem

  1. Einar Tønnes Lange (Skibsreder)

    Gratulerer så mye med interessant bok min godeste Fredrik Larsen!

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