Free lectures about the history of Norwegians in Australia

Eidsvold, Queensland. Do you live in Australia and have an interest in the history of Norwegian settlement ‘Down Under’? Then you are most welcome to attend one of the three free lectures which will be given by Fredrik Larsen Lund in late October 2014. Fredrik’s topic is the story of Norwegians in Australia. The talks will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in cooperation with the local Norwegian community.

foredrag sydneyUPDATE: Thank you! The lecture series in Australia is now completed and the response was overwhelming. 150 people attended the three talks in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne – a lot more than expected. The photo on the right is from the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Sydney. I am grateful to everyone who came and to all of you who bought or ordered my book Nedenunder og hjem. Thank you for all your questions and comments as well. This has really been an inspiring and fun experience! I am also happy to have met many of you who I have previously only communicated with through electronic media. Please feel free to contact me on if you have further comments or if you wish to purchase Nedenunder og hjem (which is only available in Norwegian so far, I should add).
Melbourne, 27 October 2014.
Fredrik Larsen Lund


The Norwegian people have a 400 years long relation with Australia. Thousands of Norwegians have found a new home ‘Down Under’. What footprints have they left? Where did they settle – and what have they done? What impact have the Norwegians had on Australian society in the past and today?

During an engaging and fun one-hour talk Norwegian historian and author Fredrik Larsen Lund will present the history of the ‘Norwegians in Australia’. You will hear stories about convicts and explorers, sailors and settlers, soldiers and nurses, murderers and prostitutes – and many other common men and women. The lecture is based on Fredrik’s own research for his brand-new book Nedenunder og hjem (Down Under and Back Again) which was published in September 2014.

Anyone with an interest in the topic is warmly welcomed to these events:

BRISBANE: Friday 24 October @ 7 pm. Venue: St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 25 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000. In cooperation with the Norwegian Club of Queensland. Free entry. Coffee and Danish pastries available after the lecture.

SYDNEY: Saturday 25 October @ 2 pm. Venue: The Norwegian Church, 37 White Street, Balgowlah NSW 2093. In cooperation with the Norwegian Seamen’s Church. Free entry. Porridge and waffles for sale.

MELBOURNE: Monday 27 October @ 7 pm. Come at 6.30pm for a cuppa. Venue: The Swedish Church, 21 St. Georges Road, Toorak VIC 3142. In cooperation with Friends of Norway. Free entry.

All lectures are in English. No registration needed – just come as you are! If you want more information, or have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Fredrik:

Listen to interview on SBS Norwegian Radio (in Norwegian).

New book about Norwegians in Australia 

Forsiden til boken Nedenunder og hjem: Nordmenn i Australia gjennom 400 år (Vega forlag, 2014). 330 pages full of original stories about Norwegians in Australia. Historian Fredrik Larsen Lund has spent four years researching Norwegian immigration and settlement on the Australian continent. His book Nedenunder og hjem (Vega Publishing Co., Oslo) was released in Norwegian in September 2014. It is the most comprehensive work ever published on the topic. The book will be available for purchase in Norwegian bookstores.

If you come to one of the lectures in Australia, you can buy the book directly from the author for AUD 50 and skip the high shipping costs. There are a limited number of copies available, so please order one for yourself by sending an email to

Also, please contact the author if you live outside Norway and wish to have the book shipped to your home. That can be organised too. Click here for more information about how to buy the book.

The events are supported by NORLA

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